Porto:   Casa Guerra Junqueiro

Musea Casa Guerra Junqueiro

Porto 10 mei 2015. Bij toeval in Porto deze prachtige plek van deze dichter ontdekt. Boekhandel Lello in Porto had helaas geen dichtbundel te koop. “Een vergeten dichter” zei de boekhandelaar.
Om deze dichter te eren start ik een blog over vergeten dichters. Ik ben op zoek en vindt mijzelf.

Het Gedicht   ” La Lágrima ”

The Tear

(…) Upon the jagged leaf of a sycamore tree
Which, like a scavenger, on stones and lava feeds

The gentle Dawn, compassionate and divine
Shed an eternal tear, huge and crystalline.

So perfect and so limpid a tear that it appeared
From afar a star, a diamond when neared.

With his splendid retinue, a king passed that way
Helmets, spears, bugles thirty banners on display.

“My crown”, exclaimed the king, surveying the scene,
“Contains countless sapphires and gemstones that gleam,

Exquisite rubies of blood-red and gold
Crystallised kisses of love set aglow

There are pearl which are drops of immense agony
Shed as tears by the Moon, frozen hard by the sea,

Yet diamonds and rubies and pearls from Ophir
All this I’d forsake just to have you oh tear (…)




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